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these rumors on the street. >>steve: and repeating them on that detroit radio station. bill o'reilly booked her last night. it was fiery. watch. >> chicago police, as you well know, are not gunning down black children. you know that; right? >> well, certainly they are not, bill. but based upon the history of african-americans in this country and based upon the fact that 70% of the murders in chicago are unsolved, 70% are unsolved, people are wondering what the heck is going on. certainly monique davis, who is a good friend to the police, who supports the police, i believe they're our first responder and i respect that, but i have the right as a legislator to repeat what my community says to me. >> not if it's irresponsible you don't. i hear a lot of *eurp -- irresponsible stuff. >> i don't think it is irresponsible. >> for chicago police to be accused of gunning down children? you don't think it'sish responsible. >> i don't think they said that. i said there was some suspicion -- >> that's irresponsible without any evidence. >>steve: we all hear crazy stuff. when you're in a position of power a
detroit going bankrupt, mustafmustafa. what kind of effect do you think detroit going bankrupt will have on the industry? >> very little. detroit as a city is quite separate, you know, from the auto industry itself. all three of the detroit-based companies are global companies and, you know, much of our sales are obviously outside detroit in the states and around the world. so the direct impact on the industry will be quite, you know, minimal, but the people that work for gm live in detroit and obviously that's an area of concern for us, but, you know, from the perspective of auto sales and the performance of the industry and its employment, you'll not see much of the impact if any. >> we'll leave it there. thank you so much. we'll see you soon. >>> coming up next, what does the earnings report mean for ben bernanke. former fed governor randall kroszner will give us his take. >>> then he was once the richest man. iky batista has lost some $33 billion in 16 months. we'll find out what happened. >>> then millions of time warner customers are less than an hour away from losing all cbs progr
on all of that will set coming up. >> it is moving quickly in detroit's bankruptcy case. a judge is holding a hearing to set an aggressive timeframe for hearings and deadlines. a key issue is whether the city is eligible for qualify for bankruptcy protection. the judge said any objections have to be filed by two weeks from monday with a hearing on the issue in october. detroit's troubles are because of corruption, financial mismanagement, the auto industry collapse, and the dramatically shrunking tax base as people move out. the city has long term debt of $18 billion. >> a southern california woman is recovering this morning after a frightening shark attack in hawaii. retired schoolteacher was snorkeling on maui on wednesday and 30' from shore in water only 10' deep when she was bit. >> i didn't see it coming or see it going. the doctor in the e.r. things according to the bites and where they are it was probably 25' shark. that was his guess. >> she ran to the beach screaming for help and she has bite marks on her back and bruises across her stomach and is expected to recover i.
, commerce member conyers, about detroit and the declaration of bankruptcy. do you feel the federal government should bail out detroit? >> well, i don't know if we are in a position to do that. what we're doing in the michigan congressional deliberation a wholeic is looking at list of programs that would assist to troy it what we are china determined is whether we have -- to assist detroit, we are trying to determine what we have received and second, whether there is any possibility of an a fitting from them. the thing we're most concerned about is protecting the pensions of those people who have worked .0, 40 years for the city fortunately, pensions are constitutionally protected in the michigan constitution. again, we have bipartisan support. the attorney general of michigan, a republican, has come out in support of protecting the pensions. so we are down, but we aren't out read we will rise again. >> thank you both for being with us, republican congressmember thomas massie of kentucky, elected in 2012. dinner credit commerce member john conyers, ranking member of the house judici
of the texas rangers. a big one as well. jhonny peralta, detroit tigers. a great job. another name you have to look out for. could impact the team. and then everth cabrera. another up and coming, all-star caliber player, another guy that could be on the list. several others on the list. what people need to remember, these are the big names that could impact pennant races now. >> let's talk how many game suspensions, what are you hearing? >> could be basically remainder of the regular season. they want to get these done. if any of the teams make the playoffs, major league baseball wants the guys eligible for the post season. or maybe the teams want them to be able to come back and play in the toast season. it's important that they try to get the suspensions handed down. ryan braun was 65 games. regular season. post season. nelson cruz, a guy they want to get back. jhonny peralta, they want to get him back. >> tell us about the teams that will be hurt right now. >> the rangers, if texas loses nelson cruz. the team's struggled since losing josh hamilton to free agency. the yankees -- any third
market and we will have a report at 6:45. >> in detroit's bankruptcy case there are deadlines in the case and a key issue is whether the city is eligible to qualify if bankruptcy protection. the judge says that any objections have to be filed by two weeks from monday with a hearing on the issue in ok. detroit's troubles stem from corruption, financial mismanagement, auto industry collapse and a lowered tax base as people moved out with long long term debt $18 billion. >> you have a chance to participate in a nationwide study that takes place over every 30 years with screening at mount difficult ron medical center, the american cancer study has only been done device since the 1950s with previous versions credited with finding a link between smoking and cancer and obesity and cancer. the study tracks 300,000 people nation-wide and look at genes and environmental causes of cancer. >> the ability to track victims, to understand something about them and determine whether someone gets cancer, gives us a lost information that can be used this research. >> you must be between 30 and 65. can you f
were the big drivers last month. general motors topped detroit's big three in sales growth with a 16% increase and as you can see they are ford and chrysler posed sales increases of 11%. >> and ford motors in the meantime agreed to pay a top fine to settle a fight. ford will pay the government 7.35 million to settle allegations it was slow to recall nearly a half million ford escapes last year to fix sticking gas peddles. ford knew about the problem, back in may of 2011 but failed to take action until the agency began the investigation a year later. >>> the billionaire investor carl icon is suing dell in an attempt to stop proposed rule changes for tomorrow's scheduled shareholder vote on michael dell's 24 billion-dollar off. it is aimed at stopping dell from rescheduling the vote and changing the record date. mr. icon believes changing the record date could color the outlook outcome but letting more recent shareholders vote. >>> the international trade commission is delaying the decision until august 9th whether to ban certain samsung phones. commission ruled apple violated some sam
representing detroit says there are significant difficulties that are making it hard to reach a deal. two weeks ago, detroit filed for chapter 9 protection citing debts of at least $18 billion. >>> shares of athlon energy jumping nearly 35% on the company's new york city debut. pricing its initial offering at 20 buck as share. >>> factory orders rising to a record high in june boosted by strong demand in airplanes, machinery and autos. mark the second month that autos have been at an all-time high. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. lori: jurassic profits. that is what bidders will be going for in this fall with a rare set of dinosaur bones hits the auction block. paleontologist is the consulting director of a natural history department and the man behind this auction. we literally yanked him off his latest dinosaur bone dig. we're so supposed to welcome him here to help us explain the value of these fossils. how they determine the value and really what the dinosaur bone market and industry is like these days. sir, welcome to you. this going up fo
. >>> right now in detroit, another hearing over the city's bankruptcy. among many issues today the judge is expected to set angraphy time line for hearings and deadlines and he will consider whether the city is even eligible to file for chapter nine protection. if you think capitol hill is crazy, check out what happened at parliament in taiwan. started as a debate and turned in an all out brawl over the construction of a power plant. lawmakers exchanged punches and threw water at each other. is that like cool down? >>> director james cameron say histories avitar franchise, will add one more and make it a qu i quadriology. the original, by the way, the all-time box office champ. 760 million. >>> sharp and pointed reaction from the obama administration after russia announced it granted temporary asylum to edward snowden. the move allows him to remain in russia at least a year. as a result the white house says relations with russia could suffer. >> we are extreme disappointed that the russian government would take this step, despite our very clear and lawful requests in public and in priva
in a radio show in detroit. never knowing it would get national attention and perhaps i should not have repeated what many community residence have said to me. >> bill: now we have common ground, you shouldn't have done it let's advance the. >> okay, bill. >> bill: you shouldn't have done it okay. now, i believe you are a sincere woman. i think you want the best for your constituents and a lot of them are poor and a lot of them live in violent neighborhoods, i believe that what do you think in am i right in saying that this violence is driven by chaos within the community. broken families, unsupervised youth. a coarsening of the whole situation. am i wrong in saying that? >> i think you are terribly wrong. the violence has escalated because of a poor ed education system. because of lack of employment. because of the inability to use a park district free as i did when i was a kid there are no resources to help these kids do anything. >> bill: has nothing to do with the family. it has nothing to do with the collapse of the family. >> i did not say it has nothing to do with it the family.
, detroit and flint, michigan, at restaurants like kfc and taco bell. they went on strike today at a mcdonald's outside milwaukee in the western suburbs. saying mcdonald's can well afford to pay them more. this nationwide strike comes with funding from one of the biggest unions in the country. the sciu. in milwaukee, an sciu member says she sees the movement growing. "more and more workers are beginning to realize they have a voice." what those fast food workers do not have is a union. they to not have a union job. they have mcjobs and mcwages and mcbenefits. they do not belong to unions and it's not at all clear they stand any real chance at forming unions at the local burger king. the history of improving lives of workers in this country is the history of unions. organized labor created the weekend as we know it. unions fought for laws against child labor in this country and back when no one had health insurance or maternity leave, unions negotiated for those benefits and benefits became the standard for everyone. union membership in this country has been falling over the last half ce
've talked about doing things for detroit that don't just involve federal spending. the notion of doing anything is equated with big government, so they avoid that and can't sell it. they talk about the sequester as something that was originally a punishment. oh, it's a failure we didn't get it done. well, this is hurting people's lives. this is undermining affordable housing. this is undermining criminal defense and the right to counsel. a lot of very core values that shouldn't be caught in partisan sniping. and it's not equal because there were democratic proposals to say, you know what, we didn't reach a deal, we said this thing was only designed to get us to a deal, let's unravel it, let's cancel the sequester and start over. what did the republicans do? they said, oh, the thing we said -- john boehner said a week before, this would be bad, this is not what we want. now it's fine across the whole country. you see that as well in the tough talk about the military. this is my last point because i want to the go to toure. he's on a giant screen here. see how good you look? the last poi
control. they want the deficit under control, stop spending. jon: very quickly, look at detroit. detroit declared bankruptcy in part because it has so many mandates to fund pensions and so forth that it cannot afford to pay -- >> right. jon: same kind of thing the federal government is facing. >> although the federal government has a magical printing press, jon, but you can't do that without consequence. so we do have to get this government and spending under control. jon: monica crowley, thank you. >> you bet, thanks. alisyn: well, a controversial program shaping up in california. suspects swapping their dna for a taste of freedom. coming up, we take a closer look at this. >>> and wooly mammoths roamed the earth tens of thousands of years ago, but could these prehistoric beasts be revived? one scientist is considering cloning the ice age giants. alisyn: right now orange county, california, playing let's make a deal with suspects: hand me other a sample of your dna, and you could go free in certain cases. will carr joins us live from our los angeles bureau with more. >> reporter: here's
since obama has been in office. detroit, youention hear about the vagrancy, they put on the labor unions and the government there and so forth. is a placeriver called windsor, candidates, where ford motor company have a major plant. that plan does not have to pay for the medical benefits for the workers. that is why ford is very successful. you've got to look at everything within that aim. just general motors did not know what they were doing. motors the general pushing brooms making $100 an hour. i tell you what, funny one of those jobs, and i will give you 20% of my pay every week. thank you very much. host: the next call independent line. valerie, you are on the "washington journal." caller: good morning. benjamin should quit listening to the liars on msnbc. what i really called to see as i do not see how there will ever be a copper mines when you have one side that look believes in big government and one -- and more spending and one side that leaves in smaller government and less spending. i do not see how there can never be a copper mine. -- a compromise. they are two totally differ
at how the cool air settles in. detroit staying in the 70s for the weekend. while boston goes to the 80s and so will new york city. you're barely there. the long-range look for august is that cool air takes over and stays in. in august, unbelievable, from the great lakes to the northeast and maybe the mid-atlantic. we'll be watching that pattern carefully. hot, still, in the deep south. and the thunderstorms in >>> good morning. other than a few more clouds at the coast, today ought to be bright and a little warmer than yesterday. 62 at the coast, 89 inland. more cloud cover the next couple mornings so slightl >> all of america's weather from our party in the park, was brought to you by invisalign. how about this crowd. they want a little bit more. more ne-yo coming up in the next half hour. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >>> we've waited all morning long to enjoy a little bit of ne-yo. not only the singing and the dancing. but how about soonversation. >> indeed. >> "r.e.d.," realize every deem. it's the album in stores right now. >> right now. >> it's a great album name
into detroit. they've attacked our embassy there before. there's a very active franchise of al qaeda operating there in yemen. it's one to be taken seriously. we've had successes against them. the yemenis have been wonderful partners in this fight, but at the same time we have to take these kind of steps to the ensure we keep the initiative and we're not reacting to the enemy after the fact. reacting ahead of time and setting the conditions can throw the enemy on their back foot. >> you know, i want to play a little bit of what representative peter king, he's the chairman of the house homeland security subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. i interviewed him about an hour and a half or so ago, and listen to this little clip, general. then we'll discuss. >> i have been getting briefed fairly regularly over the last seven, eight years at least, and also pretty heavily before then, and this is the most specific i have seen. and, again, i don't think i'm giving anything away when you look at the reaction to have 21 embassies being closed shows how seriously our government is taking it,
, put aside detroit in this conversation, but how often are we seeing people who when their kids grow up, leave home, are done with college, they start to rethink going back to the cities? >> a lot actually. the city story, detroit being kind of an exception, is cities are sort of wildly resurgent as a lot of us have read about. look at what happened in new york city and d.c. is a better example. but a lot of empty nesters are coming back. a lot of young families, people who would previously have completely decamped to the suburbs, more of those people with young children stay in the cities and, in fact, i have a couple people in the book who actually did beat the path to the suburbs with their young kids and pulled everybody up and uprooted and took them out of schools and moved back to the city. that's just one or two families, sure, but the data does support this. this is happening. there were these counterintuitive indicators and one i was surprised about was what the home builder toll brothers is doing which is building -- they have 30 buildings here in the new york city market, hig
for detroit? 53% said no. 33% said yes. a majority of democrats and black voters say help rescue the motor city, while white voters oppose. what the white house is working on is figuring out who may be next to head up the federal reserve. the president has narrowed his pick down to three, larry summers, janet yellen, and donald kohne. when the president met with congressional democrats on the hill, members made it abundantly clear they are not interested in seeing summers get the spot. high-ranking democrats including nancy pelosi and senator dick durbin, say pig yellen who is not part of the suspects who helped push us into the financial crisis in the first place. we're back after the break. ♪ if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think there is any chance we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadersh
. >> we want a stronger economy and not -- >> i don't know. >> a guy who grew up in detroit, the dislocations, they're just starting. >> yeah, the roach motel, we checked in. i don't know if we can ever check out. i hope they have room service and have on demand for you. you know what i'm saying. >> wi-fi. >> yeah. that's right. you don't even -- you just want free wi-fi. do you know how to hook that up to the wide screen? >> no, how do you do that? >> you're on the little thing? >> yes. >> bob, thank you for coming in today. alan, thank you. >> thank you. >> you can -- >> like a little putian. >>> the battle with dell, shareholders gathering in texas to vote on the buyout offer. and carl icahn pushes for an alternative. we head to a break. take a look at yesterday's winners and losers. a quarter million tweeters musicare tweeting.eamed. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why the internet needs a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs
painful constraints to calm as we have seen in europe and detroit last week? >> you no, you framed this all very well. i think it's so important as tommy said to put things in context. when i go back to those years, it was an extraordinary time in american fiscal history. i will never forget being called to an emergency meeting in the fall of 2008 to the majority leader's office. i was the last to arrive because i had been chairing a meeting on energy and another part of the capitol complex and i walked then and there were 16 or 17 people in the room leaders in the house and senate republicans and democrats. the chairman of the federal reserve and the secretary of the treasury of the bush administration and it was about 6:00 in the evening. they actually posted a guard at the door and close the door. it was very unusual as you know. i knew something dramatic was afoot. and i sat down and the meeting began. this degree of the treasure in the chairman of the federal reserve told us they were taking over aig the large insurance company the next day. they made very clear they were not
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)